Monday, July 18, 2011


I would really like to hear more from you!

Reason being that I want to know if what I write is worth reading.

I am not actively seeking compliments (although they would be nice) but also comment/criticism too.

So if you are pleased, annoyed or anything in between please use the comment facility on this or any of the relevant blogs

I would also welcome statements an particularly questions and suggestions on any topic. Is there anything you want me to write about?

Also I have kind of slowed down my industry blogs but I am thinking of starting again out of frustration that nobody seems to be resolving the main issues. What do you think?

Be watching out for you and you are welcome to remain anonymous if you wish

Take Care and thanks for reading.


RESPONSE to Who is the customer?

You bring up great perspectives in your comments Mike. Any business worth its salt can tell you who their highest yield customers are and who drives the decision making process for that customer. The TMC and the corporate travel department are key and if you don't count meetings and incentive travel, corporate travel makes up 25 percent of all travel in the US. When booked through the TMC, the average yield is significantly higher than when booked online direct with the airline.

With the order of so many new aircraft announced this week, you would think that American would be planning ahead on how to fill those planes profitably.

~ Chicke Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO, Solutionz



Warm regards,

Kevin Mitchell

Business Travel Coalition, Inc


I went through your blog today, read many posts and I found it very interesting and well written.

Keep up the good work

Kind regards


Daniel Zetík

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