Friday, January 13, 2012


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FEB A Travel Policy’s Biggest Barrier
JAN Low Cost Airlines - honeymoon Over?
JAN Travel Supply Chain Intelligence
DEC A Christmas Message
NOV A London Airport Solution?
SEP So Will Airlines go Direct Connect or Not?
SEP A Distribution Prediction
AUG Do we need another Industry Association?
JUL What the Customer Really Wants? – Part 1
JUL Who is the customer around here anyway?
APR Can TMC Brain Power Still Save Money?
MAR Combined Airline Deals – Good or Bad?
MAR Travel Evolution is not just about Technology – Right?
FEB Travel Services – Buying is just the beginning.
FEB Anybody Understand the Corporate Hotel Market?
FEB Getting back to basics with business travellers
JAN What happens when TMCs become GDS
JAN Better to never have something than see it taken away?
JAN The Evolution of Air Distribution – The Story so Far
JAN What does a hotel brand really mean?
JAN Direct Connect – The first significant skirmish in a long campaign.
DEC Loyalty Cards – What value?
DEC Christmas Distribution Story - 2
DEC A Christmas Distribution Story
DEC You don’t get ‘owt for nowt’ in travel distribution.
NOV BA dispute – Pride and promises
NOV GDS/Airline issue. Coming to a head?
OCT A Take on AA Distribution Issues
SEP Data Provision - Sounds Easy?
SEP Just how much would you Disclose?
AUG Can TMCs Really Influence Business?-Switch selling...
AUG Travel Compliance – So very easy.
AUG Can TMCs Really Influence Business? – Deals
AUG Can TMCs really influence business?
JUL Why small is becoming big in Business Travel.
JUN A different approach to TMC negotiations
JUN Global Travel Programmes – Delivering?
MAY Airlines and Travel Management Companies (TMC)
APR Airline marriages? Call for Jerry Springer.
APR Travel and the Environment
MAR Do academics understand the real world
MAR Is Government Buying Wisely?
MAR Who should buy travel? (Part two)
FEB Who should buy travel? (Part one)

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