Monday, September 17, 2012

BLOG COMMENT - Car Hire. Pardon me?

Who truly understands car hire except those who are in the business of hiring out cars? On one side you have the 'premium' companies such as Avis and Hertz and then, well, everyone else! Unlike airlines the car hire companies offer the same directly comparable means of transport but at different prices. Why? How? After many years in the TMC business I still haven't a clue. Well not really! I expect the bigger companies are global and have a bigger inventory but should they cost so much? OK, so they can (or could) afford to pay middle men incentives to promote them. And they could always leverage their coverage and reputation but even so the price gap is simply too high. So what are they doing about it? I guess they are doing what everyone else is doing i.e. reducing their overheads and becoming more competitive. Or are they? Who knows? Car Hire has started to shift away from travel procurement anyway. Good job too if everyone else understands as little as me.

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